Roulette Guide

Roulette is an exciting casino game, and a full roulette guide will help you find out the most important information on it. Playing it online will be a breeze even if you a novice; however, you should read the best roulette guide to learn the game’s basics, peculiarities, and more.

Rules: How to Play Online Roulette

Online roulette has different versions, and they are designed by different gaming software developers. However, all the versions feature the same basic principles.

Their main elements include:

  • table
  • wheel
  • ball
  • chips

A traditional wheel contains numbered sectors from 1 to 36 and a single zero slot. The table includes all the mentioned numbers and additional space to place bets on multiple sectors at once.

Place your stake in chips on corresponding fields and press the Spin button to bring the wheel in motion. The ball falls on a certain sector, determining the winning number, color, or section.

Types of Bets

You can use the following types of bets for wagering in this game:

  • a particular number
  • a color
  • a group of numbers

In essence, all the game variants offer plenty of betting options. You can learn them all, but as a beginner, stick to the simplest wagers to gain experience. The principle here is very simple — the more selections you include in your wager, the greater your chances to win and the lower your payout will be.

All the bets are divided into inside, outside (available in all roulette games), and announced ones (rare options featured in certain variants). Other types of wagers that do not fit into these three categories also exist. You might not need to learn them all, so this guide contains a few examples of them.

Inside Bets

Inside bets are among the options you have when playing this game. Have a look at the table layout to see the numbered sectors ranging from 0 to 36. All the wagers that you place on these roulette numbers are called “inside.”

The following are the main types of such wagers and the numbers covered by them:

  • Straight — a single number. A player places a chip right on the chosen number;
  • Split — two numbers. It is placed on the common line separating them;
  • Street — three consequent numbers. The table layout is divided into three sections. This wager means wagering on a single row. Place a chip on the row’s outer corner;
  • Six Line — six numbers. It is placed on two neighbor rows. A chip is positioned on the outer corner shared by them;
  • Corner (square) — four numbers. Place it on the common corner of the numbers located inside of the table;
  • Trio — three numbers. It includes zero/zeros depending on the game variation. It is placed on the corner created by the line separating the zero section from the two chosen numbers;
  • Basket — four numbers. You will bet on 0-3 numbers. Place a chip on the corner created by the first row and the zero section.

Now, read about the bets placed outside of the field with the numbers.

Outside Bets

When it comes to outside bets, they are all placed on multiple sectors.

They include the following:

  • Red or Black – you will win if the ball falls on the sector with the chosen color;
  • Odd or Even – you will win if the ball lands on the sector with the selected parity;
  • 1-18 or 19-36 – you will win if the ball stops on the number from the upper (1-18) or lower section (19-36) of the table;
  • Dozens – you will win if the ball appears on the chosen sector. There are three of them, and they consist of 12 numbers;
  • Columns – you will win if the ball hits the chosen columns.

These are probably the simplest bets in roulette.

Announced Bets

There are different types of the so-called announced bets, which are special betting combinations used in some roulette versions, for example, French roulette.

Such bets include:

  • Voisins du Zéro means betting on 17 numbers located on the roulette wheel in between 22 to 25, including zero. Nine chips are used for this wager on the sections covering these numbers;
  • Le Tiers Du Cylindre works in a similar way as the previous bet. It covers 12 roulette numbers within 27 and 33, and it is placed using six chips;
  • Orphelins wager allows wagering on the eight numbers not included in the two previous variants. Four chips are used in this case;
  • Jeu Zéro covers zero and the three numbers located close to it on the line of the roulette table. The wager is placed with four chips;
  • The neighbor wager includes a chosen number and two of its neighbors from different sides. Altogether, you will wager on five numbers, with the chosen one to be in the middle of the wheel;
  • Final bet is placed on the numbers ending in a certain (called) number. For instance, if the called number is 1, then the wager is placed on 1, 11, and so on; if you go for final 2, then the winning numbers will be 2, 12, 22, etc.

These bets may seem too tricky for an inexperienced player, but you can always stick to the simple options.

Other Types of Bets

There are plenty of roulette game variations as well as types of bets. They allow each player to pick the right option. For instance, there is an outside bet known as snake bet, which covers certain red numbers, thus shaping a snake. In this situation, chips are placed on all the numbers from this selection. A black snake wager also exists in roulette, and it begins with the number 2.

Odds and Probability

Before you start playing roulette, learn enough info about odds and probability. They mean a chance for something to happen. Probability can be expressed as a ratio or a percentage. The greater it is, the higher the chances of the event to occur. For instance, when predicting which side of the coin will appear after flipping, heads or tails, you have a 50% probability to do this correctly. So, there are only two possible outcomes, which gives even chances for each of them to happen. In the same way, probability works for casino games, including roulette.

Now, let our experts show how the odds for European roulette look like in the table below:

Type of Bet in Roulette Probability, %
Even/Odd 48.6
Red/Black 48.6
Column 32.4
Dozen 32.4
Six line 16.2
Corner 10.8
Street 8.1
Split 5.4
Straight 2.7


Basically, the more numbers are included in your roulette bet, the greater your chances of winnings are. If you have noticed, a combination of even outcomes, such as even/odds or red/black, does not come with a 50% probability. This is due to zero included in the calculation. Another factor affecting the probability in roulette is the number of zeros on the wheel. American roulette, which comes with two zero sectors, features lower odds compared to the European version, which has a single zero only.

Making a wager on even outcomes in roulette gives you much greater chances (48.6%) than placing a straight bet (2.7%). However, remember that payouts depend on the odds. All this comes down to whether the luck is by your side and how risky you are. Eventually, playing casino games is not only about winning but also the excitement you can enjoy.

Some roulette players try to cover the entire table by placing chips on several groups of numbers. But this is not a great option because there will always be a house edge. Actually, you can use various tips. Pick the best strategy based on your experience, such as Tier et Tout, and you will start winning often. Step by step, you will learn how all the betting rules work.

Whether it is European roulette or a different game version, as long as you play wisely and do not spend a greater amount of money than a limit set, you will enjoy a fantastic time playing this game at a trusted online casino.


How does roulette works and how to win it?

The game is very simple. A player places his or her bets, the wheel is spun, and the outcome of the round is determined by the ball falling on a particular sector. In order to win, you can use different strategies, manage your bankroll, and pick roulette versions with greater odds.

Where are roulette rules better, online or in land-based houses?

Online roulette is for sure the best choice compared to the options available at land-based casinos. You can pick a live or online version with the rule you prefer, and you can play it instantly on a site using a PC or your mobile device. Also, you can benefit from various exciting bonuses and promos.

Is online roulette legal?

The legislation regulating the online gambling industry varies depending on the country. In most locations, it is not prohibited to play at online casinos. This means that you should be able to find a licensed gambling venue to play roulette with no problems.